Monday, 6 February 2012

Sungyeol appreciation corner proposal

Bunny, I propose that we make room for a Sungyeol Appreciation Corner. What do you say? He won't replace Taemin or anything, I just feel like he has really earned himself a spot of late...

Personally the owner/girl/whatever-you-want-to-call-her doesn't really bother me in this video. However, there is the fan-made option of 55 seconds solid Sungyeol for the die hard appreciators.

Don't worry, I am not trying to pillage him as my favourite Infinite member or anything, I just think he needs more appreciation. That's all. It's rare that we get to enjoy such high quality acting talent, and that fact that he is the new face of an animal abandonment charity should be the only justification we need, right???
Just to seal the deal...

screw face


puppy love

charm of the boy next door

Puppy in a papoose

Barely a week after writing this, Sungyeol really proved himself once and for all.

Three yays for Sungyeol ! ! !

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Rap Happy!

In celebration of the return of the prodigal Block B, I have created a little welcome back party in hip hop terms. Please join me in rejoicing. I have also been rather lost for words of late, so I will let the boys (and Hyuna) talk for me.

In case you needed a second dose of them or missed the MV, here is Block B's comeback single NalinA(난리나). Please excuse the face paint, and the moves somewhat imitating B.A.P., no one is perfect after all.

I missed you Block B boys!

On a side note, I feel as though they have come back older and wiser. Just take a look at a couple of the verses from this single...

Why are you all suffocatingly dressed up?
Just a single t-shirt can make the details stand out
My scale is completely different
When you look at me? make you crazy

I'm the specimen of a mother's friend's son
Even if I fall down, I look good
Everyone get in a line and follow me like a pesticide truck
It's my own thing - do not keep it for yourself

Full lyrics here

I'm sure we can all take something from this...

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Why aren't we best friends already ...


Almighty Key re-enacts his drunken dancing antics on ShimShimTapa radio show.

Almighty Key's wonderful interview in Dazed & Confused translated here.

Almighty Key looking precious at the airport here.

I will never tire of him.

Key, lets hang out. We can draw all day and listen to Morrissey...



Thursday, 5 January 2012

Red Setter!

Kyuhyun. Red Setter. same difference.

Happy New Year!

In 2012 Jessica and I will endeavor to return to our former sparkling blogging glory (whatever glory there was... we shall aim to retrieve it, sparkling)

While we may not have been posting here regularly / at all in the past days, weeks, months you can rest assured that the spirit of k-pop runs through our veins, and should you cut us, pumping autotuned dance music with synchronised beautiful youths dancing in matching outfits will surely pour out of us ... or something.

at least, rest assured that this week we have been watching all 3 networks new years k-pop specials and simultaneously weeping tears of pleasure and pain as we basque in the gleam of Ga-in's glittering thighs, watch 'rock version' performances through gritted teeth and worry about who Lee Hongki's potential recreational drug supplier might be.

hang in there, wait for us,


What’s the big deal about freedom? Just get it, get it

Have fun with some aberration, lub lub lub, dub dub dub
Do you wanna feel alive? Just grab it, grab it
My stories that are beating, lub lub lub, dub dub dub
(because you naughty, naughty)


Blow your mind, go mr. Simple
Blow your mind, the time has come, don’t be scared
Blow your mind, let’s go mr. Simple
Blow your mind, go mr. Simple"

you see what i'm saying?
no, me neither.



Sunday, 25 December 2011

A very merry Christmas

And so it began. This morning (Christmas eve when I started this) I was happily greeted by this:

A delightful rendition of the timeless Candy by none other than Boyfriend. What a way to kick off Christmas eve! Happy, happy thoughts.

So Excited!!!

And then I realised that of course pretty much every music show has special performances. Of course!!!

And this also includes a cover of my favourite Christmas song ever!!! AA singing Last Christmas on TBC's Music on Top. The joy of it!

I really am once bitten and twice shy! I didn't expect so much from some rookies that I really wasn't sure about, but look at them - so good at Christmas. Well done AA.

edit: I just saw that SHINee also covered this song, the little cherubs, but it is not getting embedded as I only have a fancam of Jonghyun and no other memebers. No fair! But here, please do listen.

Also, my three favourite maknaes of Dalmatian clubbed together to produce a clap-happy medley. I would embed it, but I don't think I can have even a cover of Mariah Carey's All I want for Christmas is You on here. What a conflict of interests! Sorry, maybe go here to see it.... I could have done with some more Christmas knitwear too, but I wouldn't want to sound greedy.
Oh, and speaking of clap-happy, this intro <3

It makes me happy also that Christmas is a time for the creation of new fan art...

Evidently Yejun of F.Cuz liked this "band" portrait so much that he retweeted it personally on Christmas eve <3

So yes, I hope you enjoy all the Christmas specials, both the one-off stages and the extra feathers and furs and sheen on the standard ones.

From Bunny and I over here at Nunas Know Best HQ,

A Very Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!

We will be hanging out our grotto, complete with festive idol wall, playing some games just like these B1A4 boys here, who clearly know exactly how to have fun!


CAP's cap? Definitely not.
Drum and Bass Jingle Bells remix? OK then.
Teen Top and Infinite sharing a stage? 100 times yes!

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

I Salute You.

It has been over two months... and I/me and Bunny are sorry. Relocation to Japan (for the both of us) has taken its toll. And no internet connection to call our own for the first three weeks of living in our new Tokyo house damn near killed us. We missed a lot, and still have much to catch up on, but please bear with us.

We are not the only ones who seem to have lost their grip on life.
Just look at Kwangsoo of Supernova (orange sweater) - what happened?! I think he has been comfort eating... I think we, though it pains me to say it, may have something in common...

This past couple of months have been very emotional indeed. I have, amongst massive life changes, temporarily lost three of my most treasured hallyu stars - and Kwangsoo has lost his favourite hyung - to the South Korean army. I am no expert on the matter, but compulsory military service is South Korea in usually 21 months I believe, and there isn't really a conscientious objector option (bar going to jail). Avoiding it just brings shame and a whole lot of trouble, and you will probably never work again. I won't even bring up the disputed case of MC Mong again. So the fact of the matter is that I lost three of my nearest and dearest for the time, and that is that.

Yunhak (Supernova) went from this:

To this:

I really hope he is ok, and is not too cold in the bitter winter without his glossy fringe :(
He was the life and soul of Supernova. He got them to the top (in Japan) with songs like Shining Star, and he really was an excellent leader. I know he will be back, but will there really be anything left to return to??? No offense Sungje, but I don't trust you being left in charge of the band in his absence. All you do is take selcas of yourself and tweet them all day long!!!

There have been tears, lots of tears, so many, especially from Supernova. I may have cried with them.
"Anoooo, anooooo..."

Let's not even get me started on the departure of Heechul oppa too. Woe is me!

I hope he is not being bullied in the barracks for his effeminate streak and homoerotic tendencies.
We all miss him a lot, just like we knew we would. But luckily I discovered last night that he made provisions...of course he did!

As I watched a video of Super Junior and f(x) performing the amazing song Oops on the Super Show 4 highlights, look who appeared like a vision!!! There is his, number one oppa! And how else to greet him than to stand in a line facing the screen and salute him, for the entirety of his rap verse. Now that is respect. Heechul oppa, we all bow down to you, even in your absence. This is not to mention how truly brialliant this song is by the way, complete with intro growl. Thank you for bringing it to my attention Bunny!


Last, but certainly not least, we also had to bid farewell to Kim Jae Wook, of Antique and Walrus fame, not so long ago. Who went from Hedwig...

To army buff...

In basically a matter of hours.


But, all is not doom and gloom. There is light at the end of the tunnel. They come back. And here is some proof:


We have missed you SO much!!! And I can't wait to see pictures and clips of you in the new Doctor Zhivago stage performance that you will be doing as your comeback?!

I guess it will be a 2012 hwaiting! we have to look forward to.

Friday, 9 September 2011

Breast Porket.

I just posted this on tumblr, but I decided it included enough content to warrant its own post....

OK,  i've decided these are the new nicknames for everyone in Beast.

"Check Head" & "Breast Porket" still being my dreamy favourite mega babes,  closely followed by "Shield" (although after yesterdays injury photograph, he's almost been promoted to #1) and then "Skull Flag" always has that special place in my heart, a special place for special people.

"Words" needs to get back on the bus already, no thanks.

Its a pity Gikwang wasn't included, lets just continue to call him "American Pelvic" but i'm sorry he can wait just outside the bus, he still doesn't do it for me.


but seriously YIKES at some of these photos for "BEATOY" ... ♥_♥